In 1906, Remington introduced the Remington Auto-Loading Rifle (later renamed the Remington Model 8). Along with the rifle, four new rimless cartridges were introduced: the.25 Remington,.30 Remington,.32 Remington, and.35 Remington.

The.35 Remington was by far the most popular of the four rifle cartridges introduced with the Remington Model 8 and is the only one still in production.



• Weight: 87 grains
• Bullet diameter: 350″
• Bullet weight: 170 grains
• Muzzle velocity: 2,250 fps
• Muzzle energy: 1,248 ft-Ib
.. Round length: 2.235″
•Round type: Semi-Jacketed Soft Point
• Round Description: Yellow brass case with lead bullet

Why should you use 35 Remington Ammo?

1. Availability – The .35 Remington is currently the only commercially produced medium-power rimless rifle cartridge, making it very easy to obtain.

2. Mild recoil – The .35 Remington has a mild recoil compared to other rimless medium-power rifle cartridges, making it a good choice for lighter-framed shootel

3. Ballistically versatile – The .35 Remington is ballistically versatile enough to take any North American big game species.

4. Easy to reload – The 35 Remington is easy to reload, making it a great choice for huntgrs who like to reload their own ammunition.

5. Low recoil – The .35 Remington has relatively low recoil compared to other medium-power-rifle cartridges.

What Kinds of Game Can You Hunt With The.35 Remington?

Even with standard factory loads, the.35 Remington is an excellent round for short-range use on medium-sized game such as whitetail deer, feral hogs, and black bear. The cartridge excels and is absolutely lethal on big game at ranges less than 100 yards, such as when hunting whitetail deer or black bear in thick cover.

Heavy, slow-moving bullets deliver bone crushing power while producing less ruined, blood-shot meat than high-velocity cartridges. Furthermore, the.35 Remington is effective against larger game such as elk, grizzly bear, brown bear, and moose.

It’s even more effective when using some of the hotter loads (like those from Buffalo Bore) available on the market.

Especially when used in handy, quick pointing rifles such as the Marlin 336, the .35 Remington really comes into its own when used in thick cover. For this reason, the .35 Remington is most popular in the northeast and southeast regions of the United States where shooting ranges are short.

When hunters there really need to make a rapid shot and anchor their game quickly, they can rely on a Marlin 336 chambered in .35 Remington. Because of its power and versatility, many generations of hunters from states as varied as Maine, North Carolina, Texas, and Georgia have successfully hunted deer, moose, bear, and hogs  with the .35 Remington.



  1. Of the four calibers the Remington Model 8 was chambered in the clear winner in popularity was the . 35 Remington and it remains the only one of the four cartridges still in production today

    2.What ammunition does a 35 Remington take?

    The . 35 Remington uses the 180- and 200-grain . 358″caliber bullets, and while light-for-caliber, they are effective at the ranges a . 35 Remington is used, which is usually inside of 150 yards.

    3.Who makes a 35 Remington?

    35 Remington are currently produced by Remington, Winchester, Federal and Hornady. Note however, that factory ammunition can at this time of writing be hard to find. Remington still advertise both their 150 and 200 grain Core-Lokt loadings however the 150 grain loading is rarely seen in retail stores

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