5.7×28 mm Ammo by FN Herstal – 40gr V-MAX


Caliber: 5.7x28mm
Weight: 40 Grain
Bullet Style: Hornady V-Max, Polymer Tip
Casing: Brass
Primer: Boxer
Corrosive: No
Muzzle Velocity: 2034 fps
Muzzle Energy: 256 ft. lbs.

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5.7×28 mm Ammo by FN Herstal – 40gr V-MAX

This 5.7x28mm ammo by FN Herstal is the ultimate round for your Five-Seven pistol. Whether you are using it for varmint hunting, self-defense, or range training, this versatile sporting ammo is powerful, accurate, and reliable. The Belgian-based company developed the 5.7×28 caliber from top to bottom to perform better than the popular 9x9mm Parabellum.

These premium rounds are made with Hornady V-Max bullets with a polymer tip that helps them resist wind-drift with incredible velocity. The muzzle velocity of these rounds is 2034 fps, which helps the bullet pancake into a wide mushroom shape when it hits its target, but without an intense recoil. The design of the V-Max projectile helps prevent over-penetration while still providing a powerful energy transfer.

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