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Make it quick and easy with our APS Rifle Primer Large Magnum Rifle. They are sealed in suitable plastic cases to protect the primers and allow refilling.

Can you use large rifle primers on magnum pistols?

You can use magnum primers on large gun rounds, but I don’t use large rifle primers on magnum rounds. I shot a weatherby 7/300 for the competition and used cci 200 primers¬†with H1000 powder and it worked fine.

Are large rifle primers the same as magnum primers?

Mainly, the magnum primer is more powerful than the normal LR primer. They are used to use a larger cartridge that fires more powder (commonly known as magnum cartridges, but not always). If you use a regular LR stock in a magnum case, you may have a powder choke.

It is the Federal “match grade” version of their large rifle primer, the 210. (Sometimes called the Federal GM210M) Winchester WLR – Said to be the hottest and most difficult non-magnum primer to use on a semi. (Sometimes called Winchester LR 8 1/2)

What gauges use large magnum primers?
Initial size (large, small)

Some cartridges require a larger cartridge (45acp, 44 special, 44 magnums,) while others require a smaller cartridge (9mm, 38 special, 357 ). Depending on the cartridge you are refilling,  APS Pistol Primer Large Pistol you will need to purchase the correct size primer for that application.

Should you use magnum primers?

The old rule of thumb says that magnum primers should be used any time there is a powder charge of 60 grains or more. But the staff rules are not good, and many boxes use rates from 55 meals to 65 meals. 30-06, . 270 Victory.

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Make priming fast and easy with our APS Rifle Primers. They’re held in convenient plastic strips that protect the primers and allow quick, efficient reloading.



Type Large Magnum Rifle
Bullet Style Large Rifle
Package Quantity 1000
Usage Reloading


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