CCI Large Rifle Primers #200 Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)


CCI Large Rifle Primers #200 are an excellent choice for high-volume shooters who demand consistent, reliable ignition. These primers feature a copper-plated cup for more positive ignition and less sensitivity to hot/cold temperature extremes. They’re non-corrosive and come in a convenient 1000-pack.


CCI Large Rifle Primers #200 are designed for use in centerfire rifles. They are suitable for use with all types of powder, including ball, flake, and extruded types. These primers are non-corrosive and feature a non-mercuric primer mixture.

CCI Large Rifle Primers #200 offers consistent ignition with all types of powder and are perfect for high-volume reloading. They are available in a 1000-pack and are an excellent choice for reloaders who want reliable, consistent performance.

What are Federal 210 Primers for?

210 PRIMERS FOR LARGE RIFLE 1000/BRICK. Rifle and pistol loaders need the affordable, reliable performance of Federal® Champion™ primers. Their unique priming mix and constant firing make them perfect for high-volume shooters and those just learning to reload.

 What are CCI Large BR 2 Rifle Primers?

Load your long-range competition loadouts with only the best. CCI® Bench Rest Rifle Primers are designed to provide precision firing in harsh conditions. They are assembled with special care for superior consistency and precision.


  • Clean-burning initiator compound
  • More prominent “sweet spot” for guns that produce
  • off-center strikes
  • Easier to sit than ever before
  • Improved sensitivity for “critical-need” loading
  • 100-round box
  • For most standard loads in cases requiring large rifle primers
  • Clean burning
  • Reliable
  • For dependability, consistency, and accuracy, choose CCI #200 Large Rifle Primers


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