Hodgdon T7 Fire Star Pellet


The Hodgdon T7 Fire Star Pellet is a high-performance, long-range pellet that is perfect for hunting and target shooting. The T7 Fire Star Pellet can achieve fantastic accuracy and consistency with its aerodynamic design and high ballistic coefficient.


The Hodgdon T7 Fire Star pellet is a high-quality, high-powered airgun pellet that is perfect for long-range shooting. The bullet is designed for airguns with a high muzzle velocity and a flat trajectory that makes it ideal for long-range shooting. The shell is also very accurate and has a high degree of penetration.

The Hodgdon T7 Fire Star pellet is made in the USA and is one of the most popular pellets on the market. The shell is made from high-quality materials, and it is designed to give you the best possible performance. The pellet is also very affordable and an excellent value for the money.

What is Hodgdon Triple 7 Powder used for?

A water-only clean-up, muzzle-loading granular propellant, Hodgdon® Triple 7® Powder is sulfur-free. Triple 7 FF works with shotguns and rifles. 45 caliber and more extensive, while the smaller grain FFF works with pistols and rifles. 50 caliber and more diminutive.

What is the difference between Pyrodex tablets and Triple 7 tablets?

The triple seven burns much hotter than the pyro. Many experts recommend never to shoot 150 grains of triple seven when you can with Pyrodex; that tells me they’re not close to equivalent. And if you were hitting 150 triple sevens and 150 Pyrodex, you probably would need a higher speed with Pyrodex.

  • Cleaner combustion/reduced fouling – More shots between cleanings
  • Top Speed – Gain up to 50 FPS (feet per second)
  • More Efficient – Longitudinal grooves provide more surface area for ignition


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