Hodgdon Triple 7 Pellets 4550 (50)



Hodgdon Triple 7 Pellets 4550 (50) For Sale


Hodgdon Triple 7 Pellets 4550 are designed for 45-caliber inline shotguns. Like all Triple Seven products, cleanup is quick and easy with clean water. These pellets can be used in .45 caliber rifles with .40 bullets sabotaged to hunt anything from squirrels to deer. Designed for use with 209 shot cartridge primers only.

  • 45/50 pellets are designed for 45-caliber inline cartridges.
  • As with triple 7 pellets ballistics, cleanup is quick and easy.
  • With clean water, These pellets can be used in 45 caliber rifles
  • for the game of squirrel to deer. Designed for use with 209
  • Cartridge primers only.

This product exposes you to lead, which the State of California knows can cause cancer and birth defects. Visit P65Warnings to learn more.

Hodgdon Triple 7 Magnum Pel (50/Box) Seven 45 Caliber 50 Grain Pellets, 50 per case

Triple Seven Pellets are a pre-filled, sulfur-free Triple Seven powder designed for line shooting with a 209-shot cartridge primer. Triple Seven Pellets are convenient; They eliminate the need for measurements and powder containers, there is no waste from spills, the time to get out of the toilet is reduced, and the most important thing is to clean it with clean water. ! There is no “rotten egg” smell. The shooter’s hands are clean from start to finish. A single 50-grain pellet is ideal for light targets or small animal loads, while two 50-grain pellets provide a 100-grain charge for larger animals. Simply drop a pellet or two down the barrel, seat the shell, Hodgdon Pyrodex Pellets For Sale cover the gun, and fire!

Use two photos faster and with less waste to clean with this sulfur-free black replacement. These easy-to-use .777 pellets load and clean up quickly and easily with water. Hodgdon® Triple 7 black powder pellets are designed to have the same velocity as the popular Pyrodex pellet. Triple seven shot gives the new muzzleloader quick and easy loading with an instant start. 50 grains as payment. Use linear transfer agents using 209 primers.

  • Preloaded .777 buckshot for quick and easy loading
  • sulfur free
  • Water treatment
  • 50 fruits are the same
  • Same speed as Pyrodex granules
  • Hodgdon triple 7 black powder pellets



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