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Hornady Bushing Grade Match.266 For sale

Hornady bushing grade match .266 Match Grade dies to provide self-adjusting large neck diameters. The casings allow the user to increase the neck of the case to the desired bullet shape. This eliminates the time of overextending the edges of your box and making a lot of copper. Bushings are available in—002-inch increments.

What are the factors to recharge the dead bus?

The Bushing Stop Neck Size Die gives you high accuracy by allowing you to precisely control the amount of bullet vibration in your reloaded cartridges. The one-step neck/shoulder reduction feature keeps necks straight.

Why use a user?

The choice between bushed and bushed dies: Bushed dies to allow adjustment of the neck diameter and will enable you to eliminate the wrong expansion ball. Reamer cutters must be cut to the correct dimensions for your neck.

What is the death of Match Grade reload?

The Hornady Match Grade 2-Die Reloading Set is a highly detailed, reloadable set that provides the perfect case size for your handgun cartridges. These new reloads from Hornady give you total neck control in the conversion process.

Where is Hornady match grade bushing dies made?

Hornady® Manufacturing Company, founded in 1949, is a family business based in Grand Island, Nebraska. Proud to produce products made in the USA,  Hornady 266 bushing is a world leader in ammunition, ammunition, reloading, design, and manufacturing.

Has Hornady gone bankrupt?

Hornady Cam Lock Manufacturing Company continues to operate and will attempt to conduct business as usual during the coronavirus crisis. We are committed to continuing to work in this position. We encourage our partners and customers to continue our work. Stay strong.


Finally, hornady bushing chart Grade Dies to give you total control over neck tension in resizing. These dies to feature the ability to use interchangeable, self-centering neck-size bushings that eliminate the chance of oversizing your case necks and overworking the brass. Tight tolerances at the press translate into tighter groups at the range. See below for a listing of available dies and bushings.
Available in two styles; full-length sizing and shoulder bump neck size. Both styles utilize interchangeable neck-size bushings. Select the bushing your cartridge requires to complete your Match Grade Die.


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