Hornady Bushing Grade Match .286



Hornady Bushing Grade Match.286 For Sale Online

Match grade Hornady Bushing Grade Match .286 is required for use with Hornady neck dies.

 It is own bushing adjustable for maximum precision in the neck size. Notes: – Bushing conforms to Hornady match grade neck and overall length sizes – Bushing self-aligns with the dead body.

Using the Hornady Match Grade Neck and Full-Length Bushings and Bushings: – The Hornady Match Bushing (not included with die) has a different neck size.

Hornady match grade bushing For Sale

 The size of the ferrule (inside diameter, calculated) determines the amount of stress when the copper is inserted into the die. – the standard die size in the SAAMI specification is small, which is not necessary because the size of the gun, the type of brass and the chamber are not necessary. Shrinkage is the result of copper production. – using some loaded or dummy cartridges to fit into the rifle’s chamber without play, measure the diameter of the neck of the case. Subtract 0.001″ from that diameter, and the result is a good starting point for an accurate bushing measurement. Select the size equal to or less than that measurement.

Cases are available in 0.002″ increments. – Cases 242, 244, 246 and 248 for 223 Remington and 22-250 Remington cartridges. – Cases 260, 262, 264 and 266 for 24mm PPC and PPC cartridges. 6mm

 – Cases 332, 334, 336 and 338 for the 308 Winchester cartridge. Specifications: – Finish: polished steel – diameter: 0.291 inches

Hornady bushing chart Match Grade dies to give you complete control over the neck in converting. These dies can use adjustable neck sizes, Magnum Pistol Primer, eliminating the time to oversize your waterways and overwork the copper. See below for a list of available dies and bushings.

Available in two types; total length and shoulder circumference size. Both types use more oversized neck bushings. Select the box that needs your television to complete your degree of match die.

Warning: This product can expose you to lead, known to the State of California, to cause cancer and birth defects or birth defects.



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