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Hornady bushing grade match .334 Grade TM bushing dies to allow the use of replacement necks (sold separately). This provides versatility with a wide range of neck sizes to suit your neck preferences. Bushing size depends on the thickness of your brass neck and can be determined in many ways.

The outer diameter of the neck of a loaded circle can also be measured. To calculate shaft size, subtract 0.002 to 0.003 (or the required neck diameter plus 0.001) from the neck diameter. This permits a brass neck and spring clearance—001 to.002.

For instance, the neck diameter when loaded is.334 -.002 =.332 neck diameter.

A ball micrometer or the Hornady Bushing Grade Match .266 Wall Thickness Gauge (#041223) can be used to measure the neck wall thickness of a box to estimate the brass’s neck wall thickness. Take that measurement, divide it in half, then add the bullet’s diameter and deduct.002 (or your desired neck diameter plus.001). Instance: Neck size

The formula is: neck:.013 x 2 =.028 +.308 bullet =.336 -.002 =.334

Sufficient tension above and below the bushing size is recommended. Copper can come back for unknown reasons.

Product Description

Midsouth offers the Hornady powder bushings .334 Match Grade bushing. Match Grade bushings are used with Hornady Match Grade dies. Match Grade Bushings are used to complete your brass’s heavy duty and heavy duty. These reliable Match Grade casings will allow you to improve the accuracy of your reloaded firearms. Match Grade bushing sizes increase in 0.001 increments.

Hornady Bushing Grade Match .288 dies to give you complete control over the neck in the converting process. These dies can use modified neck sizes, Hornady 366 powder bushings, eliminating the need to oversize channels and produce more copper. Accepting the press translates into more closed groups in general. See below for a list of available dies and bushings.
Available in two types; total length and shoulder circumference size. Both types use more oversized neck bushings. Select the box that needs your package to complete your degree of match die.


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