Hornady Bushing Grade Match .338



Hornady Bushing Grade Match.338 For Sale

Hornady bushing grade match .338 Dies to give you complete control over the neck during the conversion process. Some dies can use large adjustable neck braces, eliminating the bulk of your neck braces. And made a lot of karma. See below for a list of dies and bushings available.
Available in two types; The size of the length and the size of the shoulder girdle. Both types use larger neck bushings. Select the box your box needs to complete your Match Grade Di

The Heat Shield™ on the ELD® Match bullet builds on the meplat ọko and outperforms BTHP bullets.

HORNADY® MATCH™ BALLS hornady match grade dies

Hornady Bushing Grade Match .284® Match™ rifles are loaded with the world’s most effective ammunition, featuring our AMP® cartridges.


The hihiyas are carefully selected based on the most important factors: the uniformity of the ṭṭṭi of the wall, the internal power, the Ṭaṭa of the hihiya and the solid concentricity.


The powder is well-packed with specific cargo for compaction, speed,hornady bushing die,  and durability.


With the tightest tolerances and the highest quality control, all Hornady Bushing Grade Match .266® Match™ weapons are guaranteed to match lot-to-lot. From bullet seat to muzzle velocity and velocity, Hornady® Match™ bullets are designed to live up to company founder, JW. Hornady’s first Ṭaṃ: “Él ten bullets in one hole.”



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