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A shotshell primer 209M is a small device used to ignite the powder in a shotgun shell. It is a small, cylindrical metal with a small hole in the center. The primer is filled with a small amount of explosive material. 

Invented in the late 1800s, the 209 shotshell primer was designed to be used in small arms ammunition—the primer allowed for a much more reliable and consistent propellant charge ignition, which improved accuracy. The 209M primer soon became the industry standard for small-arms ammunition.

Is shot shell primer any good?

In short, yes, shotshell primer is suitable. It is a small arms primer used in shotgun shells and ammunition. The primer is a small metal cup that contains a charge of lead styphnate and an anvil. When the trigger is removed, the hammer strikes the anvil, igniting the lead styphnate and sending a flame through the touch hole to the powder charge.

Many different types of shotshell primer are available on the need, so it can be challenging to know which one to choose. Some factors to consider include your type of shotgun, the ammunition you will use, and your personal preferences.

Is shotgun shell primer a good brand?

Whether or not shotgun shell primer is a good brand is a matter of opinion. Some people may find that the brand offers high-quality products that are reliable and affordable. Others may want more than the brand and prefer another shotgun shell primer.

Product Overview

209 shotshell primers for sale provide reliable, clean-burning performance for any modern shell with a 209 primer pocket. The 209 primers are excellent for standard field and target loads, while the 209M is ideal for heavy waterfowl and turkey loads.

  • 209m primers in stock now are designed for standard field and target loads
  • Reliable, clean-burning
  • Fit all modern shotshell cases with 209 primer pocket
  • 209M is an actual magnum shotshell primer for heavy waterfowl and turkey loads


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