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A Winchester Primers Small Rifle primer is a small device that ignites an explosive charge to fire a bullet in a firearm. Primers are made in different sizes to fit other caliber firearms. The Winchester Primers Small Rifle is designed to fit small caliber rifles.

The Winchester Primers Small Rifle is a small, round, brass-colored device that fits into the primer pocket of a small caliber rifle cartridge. The primer contains a small amount of an explosive charge that is ignited by a firing pin when the gun is fired. The explosive charge ignites the powder in the cartridge, which propels the bullet out of the gun.

Why are Small Rifle Primers out of Stock?

Supply chain disruptions have also had a significant impact on primer availability. Regarding ammo supplies, bullets are easy to make, brass can be reused, and companies usually stock gunpowder (although it might be different from the kind you’re looking for).

The Winchester Primers Small Rifle is a reliable, easy-to-use primer ideal for small caliber rifles. The primer is non-corrosive and provides consistent, reliable ignition. The Winchester Primers Small Rifle is an excellent choice for hunters, target shooters, and blinkers alike.

What are CCI 450 primers used for?

CCI #450 Small Rifle Primers are easier to fire and position, making them an excellent choice for reloading. CCI’s #450 Small Rifle Primers are available in single strips and strips, making them perfect for single-stage or progressive reloading.

* Better sensitivity for more positive firing in all guns
* Non-corrosive, non-mercuric
* Weight of the primer mixture is carefully controlled
* Every Winchester primer is consistent in size and quality
* Anvil heights are measured to precise tolerances to ensure perfect ignition
* Winchester primers maintain stability in extremes of temperature and humidity
Winchester WSR primers are recommended for use in reloading the following calibers


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