Winchester Small Pistol Primers 1,000 Count


Winchester small pistol primers are the perfect choice for any reloader looking for reliable and consistent ignition. These primers are made with non-corrosive and non-mercuric compounds for maximum safety and reliability.


Winchester small pistol primers have been a trusted choice of shooters for generations. These primers are designed for small caliber pistols and are perfect for target shooting, plinking, and small game hunting. Winchester small pistol primers are reliable and consistent and provide excellent ignition in all weather conditions.

Why are Small Rifle Primers out of Stock?

Supply chain disruptions have also had a significant impact on primer availability. Regarding ammo supplies, bullets are easy to make, brass can be reused, and companies usually stock gunpowder (although it might be different from the kind you’re looking for).


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The first bags are cleaner, increasing the duration between bag cleaning. For progressive Roloaders, this is a significant advantage. They are easier to sit, more sensitive than old CCI primers, and designed for smooth feeding Automated machinery.

Specifications and features include:

  • Sensitivity Issues
  • For most powders, a non-corrosive initiator is mixed in.
  • Seating is simple.


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